Voice Over Marketing Tips for Your Business

Whether you’re a lone voice over artist or a well-established company with hundreds of employees, the goal is the same. You need sales to survive and thrive. Without sales, there is NO business. But how do you get more business to your B2B or B2C customers? Well, here is the short answer, you need to market! But with so many tactics available, how do you know which voice over marketing strategy is the right fit for you? Over the next few blog posts, we will be highlighting the top 9 most effective methods. These are very current and popular strategies that are sure to spark your creativity.

Get started with the first effective way to market your product or voice over service.

Let’s Get Personal!

However you market your talent, this means it needs to be personal to your customers. Some may argue it is easier to do with small businesses, but even large-scale corporations can be effective in this category. For example, a few years ago, Coca-Cola embarked on one of its most successful campaigns. Do you remember the personalized bottles with people’s names? I’m sure you do! Everyone, even myself, was running out looking for a bottle with either my name or my friend’s name to surprise them with a little gift. This was a relatively simple yet, highly effective way to market. They had us, and we did the marketing for them. People were tagging the bottle on Social Media left, right, and center, which got the word out.

Customizing Your Voice Over Marketing

The voices you use in your campaigns can also help you Get Personal to your clients. Are the voices you use disconnected to your audience? Or do they draw the customer in? Gone are the days of the big, booming announcer voices. Watch a little TV today, and you will come to realize most of the ads use softer, more conversational voices. Nobody wants to feel sold too. They prefer to feel like a friend describing this new cool thing. Those are the voices that reign on the small screen, and this is a great way to get personal.

Set Your Small Businesses Apart

Small businesses can do the same. Every marketing email sent and phone call should be done with the customer in mind. Never send an email with the heading “Dear Client.” Take a few extra minutes to log onto their website and social media accounts and get to know the individual you email. Find some sort of common ground. Do they like cats? Did you go to the same school? Do you like the same sports? In a sea of impersonalized content out there, a little bit of personalization goes a long way, and THAT is what will set you apart. ?

Authenticity and Voice Over Marketing

With that said, not only do you need to be personal with your clients, you also have to be personal. That means being authentic in every way possible. Some of the most successful and legendary people in history are always authentic! For example, Elvis Presley, Andy Warhol, Princess Diana, Martin Luther King Jr, Albert Einstein. Many people viewed these individuals as radical, vulgar, deranged, or mad. But they are some of the greatest artists, activists, and scientists of all time because they were authentic! How can you be original? Once you identify this, it will help set you apart, and your marketing will become more strategic and targeted.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the evolved version of direct mail marketing wherein you target your current and potential clients through direct contact. Once you have created a database, customized and personalized your emails so as not to come off as spam. It should be more than just promoting your services. It is developing a relationship with your current and potential customers.

Article and Content Marketing

Speaking of shareable content, we have lumped together articles and content marketing as both can be powerful tools to display your knowledge and expertise in the voiceover industry. Creating blogs, vlogs, and other social media posts can help increase awareness of your voice over business and help in SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Call to Action (CTA) Marketing

CTA Marketing refers to methods or devices that are designed to prompt an immediate response from your leads. CTA is often overlooked and forgotten but it can be as simple as “click here”, “call now”, and “find out more” at the end of every article, every email you send out to your potential clients. And when done correctly it can be a strong conversion strategy that can help improve your web traffic, click-through, and of course sales.

Word of Mouth Marketing

Even with the emergence of various technical marketing strategies word of mouth marketing is still considered the most effective form of promotion. It is the passing of information about your business from person to person, whether through oral or written communication. Traditionally they are verbal endorsements, but it can also be manifested through Facebook likes, Twitter followers, reviews, testimonials, mentions, and forums.

Social Media Deep Dive

Take a quick look at your company profiles, whether social media or your website. Is it basic or boring? Is it just a bunch of corporate mumbo-jumbo? Would you want to hire you based on your current marketing strategies? Is it tailor-made to your clients? Do you stand out above all the rest in your voice over niche?

These are essential questions to ask yourself. Once you identify your current social media profiles, there is usually room for improvement to get personal. So don’t be shy about posting your favorite moments. That picture of your kitty sleeping in the window, those excellent seats you got for the basketball game or that beautiful sunset you saw the other day. Once potential clients feel they are connecting to an actual human, then long-term relationships form.

In conclusion

So, what have we learned? Well, being personal is the difference between making a sale and keeping a long-term client. This is why the art of building relationships is a vital skill that most companies look for in their sales staff. This is why so many deals occur on the golf course, right? So don’t be shy, get personal, and enjoy the benefits that will come from it. Just don’t take it personally, ok? ?

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