The Amazing World of Anime Dubbing

What makes a TV or movie good is the storyline and the characters. While there are amazing TV programs in America, shows from other countries like Japan have grown in popularity. The anime industry makes nearly $20 billion in revenue each year.

Anime dubbing is a method producers use to offer English translation to people who want to watch anime in the US. Want to learn more about anime and how dubbing works? Keep on reading.

What Is Anime Dubbing?

Anime is animated shows that originate in Japan. While some anime is created into a show from a script, a majority of top anime is adapted from manga. In order to appeal to international fans, subtitles are added in English while the audio is kept in Japanese. This is known as subbed anime.

A better option for those who want to enjoy anime is watching the series dubbed. Anime dubbing removes the original Japanese soundtrack and replaces it entirely with English dialogue for the audience to understand.

The Process for Anime Dubbing

The process for dubbing anime begins with transitioning and translation. There is both an English and Japanese team who work together to offer the best translation for viewers.

Japanese experts explain important cultural rules and word meanings that help provide a more accurate English translation during dialogue. This helps lower the chance dialogue from Japanese is not lost as it’s translated to English.

The new dialogues are made into scripts and given to actors who complete voiceovers by recording. Getting the right person for voice acting is important as they personify that anime character.

The Reason Voiceover Actors Are So Important

Producers work hard to keep the original nature of the story and characters when translating the anime into English. The quality of the anime is dropped if this isn’t done. When recording, voice actors should ensure they match the flap movement of the character’s lips they represent.

Voiceover actors are always provided a description of the character they play and their overall nature. This helps them find the right tone, emotion, and voice for that character.

If a character is meek, flirty, hot-headed, confident, or sweet, the voice actor should be able to express the character’s personality into words. This makes a difference in making an anime entertaining or painful to watch, especially for those who watched the original.

Hiring the Right Voice Actors for Anime Dubbing

If a popular anime in Japan fails in America, the reason is most likely due to poor anime dubbing. The time and money producers spend working on the translation can become a loss. The success of an anime weighs largely on hiring the right voice actors.

It can take weeks to months to find an actor for a character. If you need help hiring the right person to do a voiceover, contact us. We have an array of professional male and female voice actors who may be what you’re looking for.

We are here to help answer any questions you have concerning voice actors.

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