Preparing for a Voiceover Job or Audition

When you prepare for a voiceover job or audition, it’s essential to pay attention to the instruction on the copy. If this is a commercial, the project was likely planned carefully at an advertising agency. Every commercial has a marketing objective. Our job as voice actors is to sell it and make it sound convincing. … Read more

Four Things To Remember When Beginning Your VO Career

It can be difficult to start, well, anything really, but especially a new career in which you are investing your time, energy, and money. A career in voice-over requires faith, determination, and a host of other qualities and factors (including a supportive community and teachers/mentors who will guide you along the way). As fear and … Read more

VO Audition Basics

Aspiring actors must remember: auditions don’t judge acting ability. , they don’t define your career, and they don’t measure your potential. Auditions only answer one question: who will be trusted with the part? We all know most great actors have an embarrassing audition story; most bad actors do, too. It’s a rite of passage we … Read more

Voiceover FAQs from clients

Here’s a few questions I’m frequently asked by clients – about working with me as a Voiceover Artist I’ve been a full time Voiceover Artist for almost the last 12 years. Over this time, I have worked with a large number of clients, from across different business sectors, project genres and around the globe. Whether … Read more

How AI Will Give Voice Over Actors Opportunities

As a voiceover actor or voice over artist, you are uniquely positioned to influence how AI (artificial intelligence) technology will evolve.  The opportunities for voiceover actors to create both static and dynamic audio content are vast and growing.  As the smart speaker and home assistant revolution grow, the voiceover industry will see growth as well. … Read more