Voice-Over Equipment Guide: Essential Gear for Voice Actors

Whether you’re recording voice-over for a TV show, film, commercial, podcast, or audiobook, great audio gear can make your voice shine—and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. The rise of advanced (and affordable) audio technology has democratized the market, and you can practice, record demos, and quickly lay down vocals for … Read more

Vocal Exercise Guide: 8 Vocal Exercises for Voice Actors

Great voice acting starts with vocal exercises designed to improve performance. Why Are Vocal Exercises Important? Vocal exercises are an important part of vocal cord maintenance. This starts with a good warm-up routine that includes breathing exercises and vocal warm-ups. You can then progress to exercises that strengthen diction, articulation, enunciation, projection, and vocal range. … Read more

Advertainment Voiceover

We will discuss the third and last article of the most effective marketing strategies series this week. This is advertainment voiceover. The word advertainment is a combination of two: Advertising and Entertainment. It is a method of posting videos and marketing to your customers in a fun and engaging way. The most common way we … Read more

How to Start Your Voiceover Career

You are curious about beginning a voiceover career, and you’ve read my other article on how to get started. You’ve reviewed the various business, artistic and technical skills, and you want to keep growing. So, what are the next steps to dive into this incredible world of creativity, hard work, and great payoff? How to … Read more

How to Do Voice Overs on Tiktok

TikTok is a place for storytelling; a place where people push the boundaries of creativity to produce imaginative, compelling content every day. The voiceover feature on TikTok is a useful feature that adds some extra flair to your videos. With Voiceover, brands, users and Creators can add a voiceover track to their videos, so they … Read more

How are the voiceover rates calculated?

Voiceover rates are a very complicated matter, there are so many factors involved. Nonetheless, I have tried to make it simple for you by explaining how the voiceover rates are calculated and how much does a voiceover cost. How are the voiceover rates calculated? Let’s just dive in and explain how the voiceover rates are … Read more

Looking for voice actors? Some tips to find the perfect voice

Are you looking for voice actors? Choosing the right voice talent is as important as the visuals used in the video. A voiceover is that voice that will identify with your brand and therefore will represent it. The voice artist will be the emotional connection between you and your customers. This is the reason why you … Read more

Directing your Voiceover Artist

You have researched, listened, listened again, done a deal and finally you are now in a studio or on the other end of a phone with your chosen voiceover actor. Whether you have a voiceover project that is for Elearning, radio, TV, documentary, explainer video, station imaging or other there are principles that you can … Read more