How to Become an Audiobook Narrator

While readers and writers have skeptically watched the fluctuating publishing industry in recent years, one literary market has caught us all a bit by surprise: audiobooks An audiobook (sometimes stylized as “audio book”), like the name suggests, is a recording of a book that readers can listen to. Somewhere along the path of lengthy commutes … Read more

How to Cast the Right Foreign-Language Voice-over Talent for a Project

Casting for foreign-language voice-over projects can be very tricky – especially when picking the talents for languages in which one is not a native speaker. For starters, it’s impossible to pick a native from a non-native speaker, unless you’re a native speaker of that language as well. However, this is a position that multimedia translation … Read more

How to Get the Perfect e-learning Voice-over

What to consider Every E-learning course, regardless of topic or audience, all have one thing in common- they need to share valuable information that educates. Managing the production of an e-learning course or module can seem complicated and requires close attention to a certain set of requirements. Once you’ve made sure to avoid pitfalls in … Read more

Voice Over Salary: How To Keep The Money Flowing

  An adage says that there is power in your words. For most voice-over artists, this power tends to come in the form of money. Hundreds of thousands around the world have identified the potential lying in this $4.4 billion industry. With such figures whetting the appetites of potential artists, you too can look forward … Read more

The Life and Work of a Voice Artist

Beggining A voice artist is an essential part of a wide range of processes that require voice talent. Let’s take a look at their life and work, focusing on what they do, their skillset, auditioning process, risks, rewards, major current markets, and new possibilities. What is a Voice Artist? A voice artist is a person … Read more

Glossary of Voice Over Terms

Let’s face it, this industry is full or jargon. This glossary provides an overview of some of the most common terms, including explanations of voice over acronyms, recording terminology, and definitions of roles in the entertainment industry, to name a few. Note: For broadcasting terms, check out the Glossary of Broadcasting Terms. Glossary of Voice … Read more

How to Become a Voice Actor for Cartoons and Animation

Getting started in any new career can be daunting, but launching a new beginning as a cartoon voice actor can feel even more intimidating than more run-of-the-mill career paths. The good news is that breaking into the field of cartoon voice acting is a lot easier than you may have first imagined. With some hard … Read more

Voice Over NYC: Cosmopolitan Identity

Are you looking to set one of your voice acting projects in New York City? You’re probably thinking of the sassy, cosmopolitan, streetwise style made famous by film auteurs. “Hey, I’m walkin’ here!” is as much improvisation as an invocation of a certain type of reality, accent, and identity. That’s why a genuine voice over … Read more

Voice over Man: Talented Wajahat Rauf Sets the Standard

The rise of digital media over the last two decades has spawned new careers and businesses. The entertainment industry is one of the primary beneficiaries of this innovative technology. From podcasting, social media, online radio, vlogs, blogs to animations, many people have made careers out of this digital revolution. Digital media offers an opportunity for … Read more