Voiceover Talent for eLearning

The operative word in this post is “good.” There are a lot of places where you can find ok talent for eLearning, and there are an increasing amount of places where you can find AI Voices that may be adequate. An instructional designer polled colleagues about finding good voiceover talent for eLearning materials. I’ve been … Read more

What is an Agent’s Job?

Talent agents are an integral part of many voice actors’ careers and can be an entrée to exciting, high-earning gigs. Most major national commercial campaigns, high-profile documentaries, film trailers and the like get cast through talent agencies. So, it’s important to know when to try to work with them, where to find them, and how … Read more

VO In A Time of COVID-19

Hollywood Issues Plans For Resuming TV/Film Production, But Remains Silent on Voice Over Last week, the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers released a 22-page document with their suggestions for changes the film and TV industry could make when production resumes. This was followed by a much more in-depth joint report from the Director’s … Read more

Why Businesses Should Hire A Professional Voiceover Artist

Finding a trusted professional for voice-over work can be challenging. Some business owners might use a friend or colleague to voice the ad, but the lack of expertise won’t go unnoticed by potential customers. Not only do voice-over artists use their natural talent to perform, but they also pour hours into practicing and training to … Read more

The Complete Guide to Voice-Over Recordings

Did you know that around 90% of Americans over the age of 12 listen to the radio in any given week? That means they will notice if an ad spot is anything less than pro-grade. At some point, you probably heard an ad and thought, “That was amateur hour.” While recording your own ad in-house might sound … Read more

5 Things to Consider When Hiring Voice Talent

The voice-over talent market is bigger than ever. In 2017, Backstage reported a “900 percent increase in the number of voice-overs required to be voiced over the last three years.” And in line with the gig-economy boom, instead of heading into the studio to record, more and more actors are setting up booths at home. This is good news … Read more

Can You Really Make Money as a Voice Talent?

There are few job ideas that sound better than making money with your voice. But when it comes to voice acting, many people assume it isn’t a very lucrative career. We think this is because it’s fun work, and fun work simply can’t equal big money, right? When it comes to becoming a voice talent, … Read more