5 Tips To Start Voice Act

We know this might be hard to believe, but we are major fans of the voice–no, not the show. The actual voice. Aside from the fact that it’s what inspired basically everything that we do , the voice is one of the most powerful tools we have to communicate with others and express ourselves. The … Read more

How to start voice acting as a teenager

How to start voice acting as a teenager To start making money with voice acting, as a teenager, you need surprisingly little: Quite place to record voice A microphone setup to capture your voice An audio interface to deliver an audio signal A computer or laptop to save recorded voice Audio processing software like Audacity … Read more

A Career in Voice Over: Where to Start?

There’s nothing we love to see more than when new voiceover artists step into the limelight and truly begin to develop their talent. After all, there is always room for more voices to belong in the world, not less. We’ve got a couple of surprising places that you might not think of to start practicing … Read more