Solutions For the Traveling Voice Actor

Your browser does not support the audio element. This past year has been quite a doozy! Don’t you think we all deserve a nice vacation? I sure do. Fortunately, voice acting is surprisingly portable. So, whether you are planning that long-awaited trip or working out of town, there are many solutions to bringing your voice-over … Read more

How to Find Your Signature Sound in Voice Acting

A common conversation in the voice acting biz revolves around the concept of “finding your signature sound.” Oftentimes, this concept is met with absolute, sheer panic, as in: “Oh no! I don’t know what my signature sound is and I better find it RIGHT THIS SECOND!” Hopefully, this blog post won’t illicit that kind of … Read more

How to have consistency in Voiceover

When you find the right sound for the client it’s a great moment. The way you are delivering that script is a melting pot of different things – which involves pace, tone, mic technique, volume, stye of voice, accent etc You have interpreted their needs and created a sound that will work for them. That … Read more

The Voice Artist’s Best Friend

One thing you need to know about working as a voice over artist is that it’s always a collaborative process…between the voice artist, the producer/director and the sound engineer…but I need to tell you this.  It’s the engineer who is almost always our most reliable collaborator. Engineers work with voice over artists’ day in, day … Read more

Soundproofing Mistakes and Myths

Noise issues are a troublesome problem for many musicians, podcasters, and voice actors. If your profession requires prolonged silence or loud noises, there will probably be a day when you consider how to soundproof a room. However, many people make soundproofing mistakes and waste a lot of time and money on ineffective methods. Why? They … Read more

Sound Treating Your Space for Voice Over

Many people when starting off in voice over assume that all they need to do a buy a half decent microphone, plug it in and find auditions is all that is needed. However, this is far from what is required to start voice acting.   One of the most important steps that is often overlooked … Read more