Do you have fear with microphone

Do you have fear with microphone You are here: Home Posts Do you have fear with microphone This article is about this thing the microphone and the fear it instills in newcomers to the industry. The microphone whichever type you use is a tool. It’s a way to convert your vocal energy and performance in … Read more

Voice Talent Tip: Study Other Voice Talents To Develop Your Performance

When coaching, I often refer to the metaphorical three-legged stool. It can be cliché, but it’s an extremely valuable approach to the world of VO. The first leg focuses on developing your acting chops, learning to analyze scripts, finding the truth in the story you’re telling, and staying in the moment. The second leg consists … Read more

Voice-Over Marketing

Voice-over marketing is really the poor stepchild of voice-over. I don’t know anyone who enjoys the process. Yet, if you have two people in the industry – and one is super talented but does very little marketing of themselves – and the other is so-so, but markets the heck out of themselves – who do … Read more

4 Booth Mistakes Everyone Makes!

You’ve gotten the training and now you’re ready to build that home studio so you can get your voice-over career off the ground. Prepare for liftoff by avoiding these mistakes that everyone starting out makes in their home studios.  Mistake #1: choosing a space with bad acoustics A booth doesn’t need to be expensive, state-of-the-art, … Read more

Top Ten Voiceover Tips for Beginners

When people ask me for advice on how to get into voice overs, they often want a simple two sentence answer. Of course even two pages is not enough. Whole books have been written on the subject and, whilst many of them are extremely useful, you are still left with the feeling you need to … Read more

The Right Fit for the Role

Have you ever watched an animated show or movie and the casting for a character just felt off and made it difficult to immerse yourself in the narrative? The wrong voice can be jarring, and throws us out of the experience. This can be true for anything ranging from commercials to educational videos to cartoons. … Read more

What To Do When Work Slows Down

What part of the year do I sometimes dread? February and August, as well as the week between Christmas and New Years. Both months happen to traditionally be some of the slowest months of the year for me professionally and everyone checks out mentally during the last week of December. So every year I prepare … Read more

How do you voice over on audio books?

Some people thought that converting a paper book into an audiobook is an easy process, and it is only reading the book, but that is so not true. The process of converting the paper book into an audiobook goes through several stages, each step is no less important than the others, as it requires many … Read more