Preparing for a Voiceover Job or Audition

When you prepare for a voiceover job or audition, it’s essential to pay attention to the instruction on the copy. If this is a commercial, the project was likely planned carefully at an advertising agency. Every commercial has a marketing objective. Our job as voice actors is to sell it and make it sound convincing. … Read more

Getting Mileage Out Of Your Script Form As A Voice-Over Artist

Here at Such A Voice, we offer different voice-over packages, some that include producing one or two demos. Our talented script writers, Brendan Carty and Bekka Burton, write scripts especially for you! They use a questionnaire called a script form to aid and inspire our students. The script form includes questions about your favorite products, … Read more

The Secrets of VO Script Analysis

So they want a conversational read…how do you get there?  Script Analysis!! If you are auditioning at all these days, you’ll notice a trend in the direction notes.  Almost every project description or director notes includes the words “conversational” or “authentic” or “real”.  So how do you get there when you are reading someone else’s … Read more

How to Write a Voice-Over Script

You’ve put a great deal of creativity, time and effort into producing, filming and editing your video. Now it’s time to create a strong voice over script to go along with it. The script is just as important as the video itself. Too casual, and you won’t capture the listeners attention. TOO formal, and you’ll … Read more

The Art of Voice Over ‘Natural Speak’

Or…tips to make it sound like you’re making it up. The trick to becoming a really successful voice over artist is to give every script you’re handed the right flavour, mood, energy and tempo.  To do that, you need to be able to look at each script as having its own life. Don’t forget, voice … Read more

How To Become A Voice Actor 3

Approaching the Script One of the things I love about being a voice over actor is that I never know what I’ll be doing week in, week out.  And when I do get a booking, I’m often given very little information about the job.  I’m just booked at a studio or radio station at a … Read more