How to Make Emotional Connections to a Voice-Over Script

Click here to hear Bonnie read this article! “Nothing…I’m feeling nothing…” this sentiment from that song in “A Chorus Line” is not what you want to be thinking when you read through a script as a voice-over artist, nor what you want your listener saying when they hear the finished product.  Connecting with your listener … Read more

Mouth Noise: Stop it BEFORE it Starts

Spring allergies may be winding down, but unfortunately, the battle with mouth noise isn’t a seasonal one. It may be easier when you’re not having to compete with Mother Nature, but taking care of yourself as a voice-over artist is a year-round job! In case you’re in need of a definition… “Mouth clicks are often referred … Read more

4 Tips for Nailing a VO Audition

You may have a slick demo, an awesome website, and a few friends willing to write fake testimonials for you, but if you really want to be a successful VO artist, you need to become an audition master. Doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie chasing your first gig, or an industry veteran with a resume … Read more

Audiobook Auditions: Have Fun and Stand Out!

Audiobook auditions offer an excellent opportunity to gain confidence behind the microphone and in the editing process. Plus, audiobooks are available in SO MANY GENRES, you’re bound to find something that’s both interesting to you and a good fit for your voice. When you’re starting out, I recommend auditioning for anything and everything. See what … Read more

Can You Really Make Money as a Voice Talent?

There are few job ideas that sound better than making money with your voice. But when it comes to voice acting, many people assume it isn’t a very lucrative career. We think this is because it’s fun work, and fun work simply can’t equal big money, right? When it comes to becoming a voice talent, … Read more

4 Things To Do Before You Get a VO Demo

A good voice-over demo costs a lot of money. A good demo producer will produce a demo that sounds fantastic. Once that’s done, at some point you’re going to have to audition, and if you’re not ready, all that money and time you spent on your demo is worth nothing. Have you ever seen a … Read more

Tips for Successful Voice Acting!

Questions it’s Okay to Ask Whether you’re new to voiceover and are building a career, or you’re someone who does occasional work, getting enough studio experience to feel really comfortable in that environment is not always easy, so I want to give you a few ideas of what you might be faced with…and some things … Read more

The Art of Voice Over ‘Natural Speak’

Or…tips to make it sound like you’re making it up. The trick to becoming a really successful voice over artist is to give every script you’re handed the right flavour, mood, energy and tempo.  To do that, you need to be able to look at each script as having its own life. Don’t forget, voice … Read more

Finding the Right Energy Level for Voice Over

Ever been handed a voice over script and been told, ‘we just want a really natural read…just be yourself’! Well…don’t take it literally! The producers may want the end result to sound as though you’re having a conversation with someone. They may want the words to sound like your own – like you’re making them up … Read more