4 reasons to hire a professional voiceover for your explainer videos

Hiring a professional voiceover for your explainer video might not always seem to be one of the most important stages in the production process. However, a professional voiceover can bring far more benefits to your brand compared with an inexperienced voice artist. The voice you will choose for your explainer video will literally become the voice … Read more

Why Businesses Should Hire A Professional Voiceover Artist

Finding a trusted professional for voice-over work can be challenging. Some business owners might use a friend or colleague to voice the ad, but the lack of expertise won’t go unnoticed by potential customers. Not only do voice-over artists use their natural talent to perform, but they also pour hours into practicing and training to … Read more

5 ways you didn’t know a voice over artist could benefit your small business

There are many ways we as entrepreneurs can give our business a more professional edge. For instance, I now outsource the majority of my artwork to a professional graphic designer. I usually know what I want and even have some design skills from my university days. However, I’ve not spent my career breathing graphic design … Read more

Professional Voiceovers for Videos

The industry of voiceovers is gradually expanding with the increase in the use of technology in various fields. Voiceovers are used for phone calls and for professional videos. It is basically a narration in a film or a broadcast where the picture of the narrator or speaker is not displayed.   Video Voiceovers is a … Read more

5 Reasons for Using Professional Voiceovers for your next project

  Regardless of the producer or the type of video content, a professional video voiceover can add a great glamour to any video project. Whatever is displayed in a form of video or a series of pictures (slideshows), it should be perfectly narrated with an professional voiceover for optimal results. Other than being a narration, … Read more

Behind The Scenes of a Voiceover

How much effort, preparation and overall work are actually involved in being a professional voiceover artist? Also, how much exertion does it take in order to achieve professional standard acoustic results? The truth is that being a voiceover artist, is often quite a thankless task – that is, until (and unless) that artist gets to … Read more