Direct E-Mail Marketing

Throughout the long tenure of my voiceover career, I’ve had a lot of success finding clients through email marketing but it took a while to figure out the right words to put in the email. At first, I would try mass email programs, where every prospective client would get the same template. It was pretty … Read more

8 Top Tips for Narrating Poetry

Valentine’s Day is upon us. As we move into the month of love, it makes sense to explore media that pulls the heartstrings: Poetry. Whether you are excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a significant other or looking forward to closing yourself in for the night and eating chocolate alone. We will give you the … Read more

Techniques for Voice Actors

Mastering The Skill of Self-Directing If you’ve been auditioning regularly for voice over jobs and either haven’t won a job, or have won very few, this blog is for you. One of the most important aspects of voice over that I work on with voice actors, are the skills of ‘how to be your own director’. … Read more

Techniques for the Voice Actor

Making it Real At one time we were called voiceover artists These days, the term voice actor is more generally used to describe who we are and voice acting, what we do. Why? Trends There’s been a trend for at least 5-10 years to make the reads more natural, more conversational and more connected to … Read more

More Tips for Voiceover Actors

Good Copy, Bad Copy The Script!  This is the single most important thing to get right in voiceover. However, not all voiceover copy is great.  The emergence and growth of small, medium and large businesses using audio and video in their online content marketing has meant that there’s more voiceover work coming from more sources. This … Read more

Does Gender Matter When Casting Voice Talent?

It’s a question that creative directors and writers ask themselves all the time. “Should I cast a male voice talent or a female voice talent?” Recently Adweek and Harris Interactive set out to answer this question with a survey conducted over 3 days in February. The survey, titled “The Effect of Voices in Commercials”, asked … Read more

What New Technology Means for VO Talent

In the last half a century, the increase in global technological prowess has boomed loud across many industries. Every day there seems to be more and more capabilities computers and other tech have access to including AI (artificial intelligence), machine learning, voice and facial recognition, and even text-to-sound (TTS). Computers, usually in the form of … Read more