Translating and Transcription

A transcription can be defined as a written representation of something. It can also be the act of writing or rewriting that representation. In genetics, it means the transfer of genetic information from one cell to another. In music, it’s the rewriting of a piece for a different instrument than the original composer intended. In … Read more

How to Break Into Voice Overs

How to Break Into Voice Overs – 7 Vital Steps Fancy yourself as one of the best new voice talents? Perhaps you’ve got a natural gift for accents or interesting voices and your friends have told you to look for a voice-over job. Maybe you’re already an actor looking to branch out into this niche. … Read more

How to get into voice acting?

Voice over is one of the most popular and growing industry in the world now as many sites automatically enable text_to_speech voice for the relevant content. As hearing human voice makes more natural experience, so if you are considering getting into the voiceover industry for a while this is how to get into voice acting. … Read more

Getting Into the Voice-Over Industry

Since 2009, it has been estimated that demand for voice-over (VO) has increased by a factor of 20. This is due in part to the rise of voice assistants, audiobooks, and podcasts.  This has also led to an increased demand for voice talent. Do you feel you have a unique, interesting voice? Have you been … Read more