How to become a voice actor?

How do you become a voice actor? When I was a voice actor starting out, all I have ever done was watching professional voice actors putting work in the studio. I would sit down with the director and just watch them. Thus, I had a chance to observe many great voice actors in the early … Read more

How to Get Started With Your Professional Voice Acting Career

You may have been told our shockingly simple secret, taken our webinar and received your complimentary voice evaluation, or maybe you’ve taken our introductory voice-over class in person. Regardless of how you got to Such A Voice, you’ve had the realization that becoming a voice actor could be a different and much-needed career change. But, … Read more

Say What?

Pronunciation – Script Tip Here’s a simple tip to save money on your voiceover recording sessions. When you write a script for a voiceover, keep in mind that the voice talent may not know the pronunciations of all the words in your script. Most voice talents have a fairly well-developed vocabulary because they’ve read lots … Read more

Voiceover FAQs from clients

Here’s a few questions I’m frequently asked by clients – about working with me as a Voiceover Artist I’ve been a full time Voiceover Artist for almost the last 12 years. Over this time, I have worked with a large number of clients, from across different business sectors, project genres and around the globe. Whether … Read more

How To Become A Voice Actor 5

Practice, practice, practice…and how to do it without spending a motza! Okay, this is you!  You’ve wanted to get into voiceover for ages.  You’ve had some training, some studio experience and you’ve even put together a demo. It’s all good! You get the demo out there and…not much seems to be happening! ‘Quel Horror!’ you … Read more

How To Become A Voice Actor 4

The Casting Process that Gets You The ‘Big Bucks’ –  TV Jobs! When you’re just starting out or building your voice over career and repertoire, it can be a bit of a mystery exactly how or why you may have been selected to submit your voice for an ad or campaign or…(reason to celebrate)…won the … Read more