The Shopping List: Essential Home Recording Studio Equipment for Any Budget.

So, you need a home studio – but where do you start? Previously We had answered some of your questions on which home recording studio equipment is the best, but today we are bringing you a one-stop-shop in creating your home studio from scratch. We’ll let you know exactly what home recording studio equipment you’ll … Read more

What Every Home Studio Needs

Voice-over from the comfort of your own house has become the norm. However, what every home studio needs is to feel like a home-away-from-home inside your home. Home-ception… Whether during the COVID-19 pandemic or before, the voice-over industry has been shifting to working from the comforts of one’s own domain. Producing a makeshift voice-over studio … Read more

Tips For Soundproofing Your Home Recording Studio

Most voice-over talent focus their time and money on their hardware thinking about what kind of microphone they should have and what type of software they should use to record and edit their work. These are important considerations, but there’s more to it. When it comes to quality recordings, it’s important that the recording space … Read more

How to find voice-over work from home

    From the perspective of freelancers, entering the voiceover industry is far easier now than ever before. Because the technologies have advanced and became available to the masses for very low cost, you should have no issue finding voiceover work from home.  Firstly, we need to find out if there are a good amount … Read more

The Best Microphones for Home Studio: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

on The Best Microphones for Home Studio: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide If you are just starting out with recording at home, you might be looking for some “beginner-friendly” microphones that you can start out with. The good news is that there are many good beginner-friendly microphones available on a budget that deliver great sound. While they … Read more

Work from home tips!

As recent events are keeping more of us inside now, we’re having to learn a whole new way of life by doing our work at home. If you don’t typically work from the home, it’s probably had some challenges for you. Some of the common struggles can include getting distracted from your work, not managing … Read more