Direct E-Mail Marketing

Throughout the long tenure of my voiceover career, I’ve had a lot of success finding clients through email marketing but it took a while to figure out the right words to put in the email. At first, I would try mass email programs, where every prospective client would get the same template. It was pretty … Read more

Committing to a Voiceover Business

Contrary to what you may read online regarding how to get into voiceovers, the commitment part can feel like climbing a mountain with a chilly burst of wind in your face. When we're not sure if we want to do something, we procrastinate and find all kinds of excuses as to why we shouldn't commit. … Read more

4 Elements To Get Through Voice Over Audition

Peter J Salzano, a professional voice over artist and playwright says that every beginner has to go through a number of auditions to make a good career in the voice-over industry and if you master the art of getting through the auditions, you are sure to succeed. Every voice-over audition is based on a number … Read more

Getting Noticed in Voice-Over

With technology today, it is easier than ever for someone with a computer and a microphone to get into voice-over. Heck! There’s even an app that makes it possible for us to audition straight from our smartphones! It can get a little overwhelming when you think of the plethora of voice-over artists that you may … Read more

Become a Voice Over Professional

How to get return voiceover jobs. So we’ve been providing voice over services now for coming up to 5 years .  In that time, we’ve noticed all the things voices do that are great and not so great.  Based on these observations and client feedback over the years, we thought we’d compile a little list … Read more

How To Become a Voice Actor 2

Studio Etiquette! Let’s talk about expectations in the studio It’s always difficult for those who want to know how to become a voice actor to get the right kind of information about the process.  Let me make it easy for you to feel more comfortable in the studio. First up, you’ve never seen the script … Read more