6 eLearning Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Your eLearning Course

Double-digit annual growth rates paired with constant technological innovations – the e-learning market is booming! Regardless of the content type, often eLearning is conveyed by professional voice-actors. The voice of a speaker has an enormous impact on learning success. Like no other medium, it gives content humanity. In this way, a speaker gives the content … Read more

Elearning Localization Service: Making Content Native for Your Learners

Would a French learner be able to understand Japanese eLearning content? Well, the answer would be no! So, how to tackle such a sophisticated situation?  The very simple answer is localizing the eLearning content! Yes, you heard it right! Your organization can connect with any language learner with just one secret passage called ‘eLearning localization. … Read more

What Makes A Great eLearning Narrator?Acting The Part Of The ‘Subject Matter Expert’

When you learn something new the most important muscle you’re using is your intellect, correct? Well, yes and no… Your emotional connection is as important to your learning. Think back to when you were a kid in school. Do you remember your favorite teacher? Why did you like them so much? What makes them stand … Read more