Voiceover Demos: Send Them Out!

So, you've completed a voiceover training program and you have your demos ready to go. Now what? You have to SEND THEM OUT! I know you're probably thinking, "No kidding Terry!" But, the truth is that many new talents sit on their demos. It's time to get those demos in front of prospective buyers. Don't … Read more

Getting Voice Over Demos to Work For You

Are your Voice Over demos working for you? There’s one certainty in voice over and this is it! Your voice over demos or any voice sample you present, must be absolutely brilliant if you want to get noticed by: producers, engineers, and casting agents If you’re just beginning in voice over, knowing how to craft … Read more

Tips on Creating Great Voiceover Demos

Your demo is your calling card. It showcases your voiceover work and what you are capable of doing. A voiceover demo is your pre-audition to an audition. Many questions that I get asked are: How do I keep my demos current along the way to represent my new work and my expanded talents? How do … Read more

What to Look for in Voiceover Demos

As you’re searching for the best voiceover artist for your project, you may wonder what you should be looking for in voiceover demos. It’s not always clear to voiceover artist seekers because after hearing a few, they all start to sound the same. Before choosing someone, you must be able to distinguish between them enough, … Read more

The Biggest Misconceptions About Voiceover Demos

Voiceover demos, by definition, are a professional demonstration of what you do best and what you want more of. Yet many well-meaning, even experienced talent fall prey to many of the following misconceptions regarding what should and shouldn’t be included on your voiceover demos. 1. “My make-shift demo oughta hold me for a while until … Read more

How to Choose Music for Your Voice Over Demos

Music is an omnipresent aspect of many of our daily lives, but when it comes to industry standards in the voice acting arena, voice over music has a specific time and place. With the ubiquity of voice-activated devices and audio platforms in the modern world, it’s no wonder that we go about our days consuming … Read more