Preparing for a Voiceover Demo Session

So, you’ve had plenty of coaching, you have your scripts, and your demo session is lurking on the calendar. It’s easy to feel a little nervous about your big day. It’s okay. Professional theater actors still get the butterflies before they go on stage. Anxiety is normal but you can do plenty to prepare for … Read more

My Own Voice-Over Demo Session

I have been coaching students toward making their career-launching voice-over demos for over five years now, but the last time I recorded one myself was fifteen years ago, when I officially launched my own VO career. Since recording those initial commercial and narration voice-over demos (and subsequent promo and audiobook voice-over demos) way back when, … Read more

A Look Into the Voice-Over Demo Process

How is my voice-over demo completed? After your voice-over demo is recorded, it is sent to the Post Production department, where it is assigned to an engineer for pre-processing, along with the specific notes that were taken during the recording session.  There, the demo is edited and processed, and music is put underneath each spot, … Read more

How To Make A Voice-Over Demo

If you want to get work in this industry, you need a voice-over demo. Ideally, you knew this already. But I would be remiss if I didn’t repeat that if someone is going to hire you, they’ll obviously want to know your vocal goods when you step up to the mic! Previously, I’ve written about … Read more

What Makes A Good Voiceover Demo ?

What Makes A Good Voiceover Demo? Great question and one that actually needs re-writing to… what makes good voiceover demos? Don’t forget the ’s’. Or… what makes great showreels? These are actually audio ‘reels’ that ‘show’ people what you do. For years and years voiceover artists have had around 3 demos. A ‘straight’ voiceover demo, … Read more

Are You Ready For A Voiceover Demo

Let’s talk about the all-important voiceover demo. This week we’re going to talk specifically about when it’s the right time to make one. I will tell you right now that making a demo too soon, before you’re ready, is a colossal waste of time, money, spirit, and energy. I’m often asked to listen to demos. … Read more