5 Tips for Nailing a Character Voice Audition

Do you have what directors are looking for in character voices? So you can do squeaky voices, crazy accents, funny characters and mimic popular cartoons! BUT… is that enough to get into the character voice industry? Not according to Sara Sherman, Executive Director for Disney Television Animation. It really takes solid acting chops to be able to flesh … Read more

3 Tips for VO Character Development

Developing characters is a much debated topic and something that comes up again and again with students, coaches, professionals and newbies. My own approach is one I have found useful, and I am happy to share with you all here! To be sure, there are many ways to skin a cat (sorry cat), so if … Read more

How to change your voice for character acting

All the amazing cartoons from Mickey Mouse to Lion King had actors behind the camera performing character voices. Nowadays characters acting in higher demand, because with the spread of media distribution there so much production of different shows. Character voice acting is the most exciting type of voice-over jobs.  For me, it could be challenging … Read more

Things to know about Character Voices

Being able to change or manipulate the way your voice ‘sounds’ is a great skill. Understanding the mechanics of how to do this when you’re creating character voices is key to being a versatile voice actor. I want to talk about how it works in the voiceover industry and give you some techniques, exercises, insights … Read more

4 Ways to Get Into Character in Voice Acting

Getting into character is one of the challenges that some voice actors struggle with. For those in video games and animation genres, it doesn’t get any easier since they require a unique set of voice over talent. For example, video and cartoon characters are mostly fictional characters. This means that you have to imagine yourself … Read more