How to Become an Audiobook Narrator

While readers and writers have skeptically watched the fluctuating publishing industry in recent years, one literary market has caught us all a bit by surprise: audiobooks An audiobook (sometimes stylized as “audio book”), like the name suggests, is a recording of a book that readers can listen to. Somewhere along the path of lengthy commutes … Read more

Audiobooks: Ensemble or Single Talent?

Audiobooks are a very popular medium, allowing us to consume books while we workout, commute, clean the house, or just kick back and relax in the tub. Whether you’re an author published through a big name publisher, small print press, or self-published, there’s a demand for your works as audiobooks. But there’s more to audiobooks … Read more

10+ Best Audiobook Apps in 2021

One of the fastest-growing segments in digital publishing, Audiobooks make reading listening to bestsellers on-the-go a breeze. Thanks to advanced technology, audiobooks are more accessible today than ever before, which has led to its continuous rise in popularity. This, in turn, has led to an increase in the demand for professional voice over artists for audiobooks, … Read more

Tips For Choosing The Best Voice Over Artist For Audiobooks

With the advent of audiobooks, the way people read books has changed. An Audiobook is a recording of a book or other similar works. Recording the entire book (word-for-word) is termed as “unabridged” while recording a shorter version is described as an “abridge.” Audiobooks can be either of the two versions, and the final recording … Read more

Earn money From audiobooks

The Audiobook industry is a lucrative one to say the least and from research based on growth, it’s an industry worth capitalising on. Sales are ever increasing with audiobooks. In 1997 it was worth $480 million and in 2013, sales jumped exponentially to $1.2 billion. Why are they becoming so popular? What was once designed … Read more