Common Mistakes When Setting Up A Home Studio

When working as a voice over artist, it’s pretty common to need to get a lot of your recording done in your own space. Whether you’re recording material for an audition, a voice reel, or you’re working on a project remotely, you can’t always guarantee that you’re going to be able to record in a … Read more

Essential Gear Every Voice Over Artist Needs

The question of what equipment you should use is maybe the most common thing asked by many people looking to get started as voice over artists. After all, whether you’re working on a voice reel, an audition, or you’re sending a take over to the director, you want to be sure that everything is the … Read more

How Can You Make A Truly Great Voice Reel?

When you’re working as a voice-over artist, there’s no doubt that there is one thing that is the most important tool in your tool belt: your voice reel. Your voice reel is going to be the thing that lets people know what you’re going to be able to bring to their project and, in the … Read more

How Can You Properly Practice Voice Acting?

One of the most common mistakes that a lot of people make when it comes to voice acting is that they assume it’s some kind of innate talent. They listen to other voice over artists and assume that the ability to give a truly great performance is something that you’re just born with. Sure, there’s … Read more

How Can You Stand Out As A Voice Actor?

One of the first major challenges that a lot of people come up against when they first start trying to get work as a voice-over artist is that it is one of the most competitive industries out there. After all, there are plenty of people who decide that they want to be able to earn … Read more

How to become a successful voice actor

Voice acting isn’t as old as TV or theater acting. In opposition to prevalent thinking, being a voice entertainer is fundamentally unique, and these two regions are truth be told, inexactly related. All things considered, numerous entertainers whose first objective was to be in front of an audience or before a camera decide to likewise … Read more