Why Do Voice Actors Use Aliases?

Some voice actors use aliases and I was wondering why. I did some research and found some surprising (but solid) reasons why voice actors use aliases. Voice actors use aliases (or pseudonyms) for a range of reasons, including: Avoiding union penalties and expulsion. Avoiding professional confusion. Their real names are too common. Personal branding. Separating … Read more

VO Audition Basics

Aspiring actors must remember: auditions don’t judge acting ability. , they don’t define your career, and they don’t measure your potential. Auditions only answer one question: who will be trusted with the part? We all know most great actors have an embarrassing audition story; most bad actors do, too. It’s a rite of passage we … Read more

Why Audition Coaching is Growing in Popularity

There has never been a better or more exciting time to get into voice acting. From commercials, corporate narrations and video games, to ADR work in films and TV, there are so many opportunities for budding voice actors that it’s hard to keep up. Consider the mind blowing number of pay-to-play sites, video uploading platforms, … Read more

Are Voice Actors Required to Sing?

Are voice actors good singers? Is singing a requirement for the job? Does being able to sing have any impact on being a voice actor? All interesting questions. One of the great things about the world of voice over/voice acting (same thing, different terms) is that it’s very broad. Voice actors are hired for over … Read more

It’s About How You Say It: The Top Benefits of Using Voice Actors for Your Ads

By 2020, 50% of all searches will be voice-centered. So, are you working with voice actors in your campaigns? Voice actors are beneficial in many ways. Choosing a voice over professional for your ads gives them the ultimate subtlety to deliver the message. Your ad requires high levels of precision to reach out to as many people … Read more

5 Famous Actors Who Blew Us Away With Their Incredible Voices

There’s something exciting about recognizing a voice over. Whether it’s a commercial or animation, there is a surprising amount of famous actors lending their voice to these productions.  Voice-acting may seem easy, but voice plays a huge role in effective communication. It can be very difficult to maintain the breath, pitch, intonation, articulation, and emotion appropriate for the … Read more

How to Get Into Voice Acting

Do you have a unique, inspiring, or pleasant voice? If so, you may just find luck as a voice actor–and some of the biggest companies need voice actors for their radio and television advertising! When you take a look at the kind of range voice actors bring to the industry, you’ll see that there’s room for all sorts of … Read more