Is Voice Acting Dangerous?

I’ve wanted to “get into” voice acting for years. Now that I’m starting it as a hobby, I wondered how dangerous it really is to be a voice actor. I did some research, and this is what I found. So is voice acting dangerous? Yes, voice acting can be dangerous, especially if you’re doing voice … Read more

Top 3 Exercises for Improved Voice Acting

Are you a voice-over actor? Does your voice crack while in the middle of a scene?  It could be because of a lack of practice. Peter J Salzano, an eminent voice-over actor says that every budding voice artist must keep in mind that exercising is an important part of becoming a good voice actor. Many … Read more

Best voice acting skills enhancement techniques

Voice acting is a calling that requires practice, certainty, and discipline. The following are a couple of tips by Peter Salzano to assist with working on your abilities so you can begin your own voice-acting profession: Exploration your person Part of making particular characters with explicit vocal examples is playing out the fundamental examination and … Read more

A Short History of Voice Acting in the US

There are roughly 135,600 in the United States, although you are probably only familiar with a handful of these. Most familiar faces will appear on the big screen or on prime time TV across the country but their face isn’t the only thing you’d recognize.Most experienced actors go through specific voice training and some even … Read more