Voice Over Terminology You Need to Know

The voice over industry is full of jargon and terminology. The phrases thrown around in a recording studio might sound like plain gibberish to the untrained ear. It’s important to stay on top of voice over terminology so you can effectively communicate what you need for your project. To help you get started—or refresh your … Read more

Professional Voice-Over Services Can Make or Break Your Movie

How many times have you seen a movie so awkwardly dubbed you laughed yourself to tears? B-movies that didn’t use professional voice-over services are a perennial treat for the multi-brow cinephile, and the lifeblood of midnight movie programming everywhere. Naturally, you don’t want your film to become one. But did you ever think about why … Read more

What Is Share of Voice, and Why Should I Care?

  Share of Voice: Quantifying Your Marketing Competition Share of voice is how much weight your market takes up on a paid marketing channel compared to other advertisers. You’ll inevitably find your message competing for advertising space. Understanding this metric is vital to your outreach success. You know you want to gauge how much of … Read more

The Life and Work of a Voice Artist

Beggining A voice artist is an essential part of a wide range of processes that require voice talent. Let’s take a look at their life and work, focusing on what they do, their skillset, auditioning process, risks, rewards, major current markets, and new possibilities. What is a Voice Artist? A voice artist is a person … Read more

Glossary of Voice Over Terms

Let’s face it, this industry is full or jargon. This glossary provides an overview of some of the most common terms, including explanations of voice over acronyms, recording terminology, and definitions of roles in the entertainment industry, to name a few. Note: For broadcasting terms, check out the Glossary of Broadcasting Terms. Glossary of Voice … Read more

eLearning Voice-over: Your Audience Defines the Voice

Misunderstandings can arise when an educator and a learner have different mother tongues. Having helped professionals all around the globe, we know that there is no “one-fits-all” approach when it comes to effective eLearning voiceover localization. But no need to stress! This doesn’t mean sending a huge amount of time and money researching. This article … Read more

Voice Over NYC: Cosmopolitan Identity

Are you looking to set one of your voice acting projects in New York City? You’re probably thinking of the sassy, cosmopolitan, streetwise style made famous by film auteurs. “Hey, I’m walkin’ here!” is as much improvisation as an invocation of a certain type of reality, accent, and identity. That’s why a genuine voice over … Read more