How to Become an Audiobook Narrator

While readers and writers have skeptically watched the fluctuating publishing industry in recent years, one literary market has caught us all a bit by surprise: audiobooks An audiobook (sometimes stylized as “audio book”), like the name suggests, is a recording of a book that readers can listen to. Somewhere along the path of lengthy commutes … Read more

Why British English is great for e-learning voice overs

Below we discuss the most important features of e-learning voice overs, what they are used for and why you should consider a British voice over actor. The increased demand for e-learning voiceovers In our increasingly-digital world, there’s one thing we definitely can’t live without: e-learning content. Thanks to the pandemic and multiple lockdowns, we’ve had … Read more

Creating Engaging and Effective eLearning Voice Overs

Creating eLearning voice-overs may seem like a simple and straightforward task. After all, how hard could it surely be to narrate your eLearning course, given that you’re practically a professional in the subject right now? But developing eLearning audio can often end up being a time-intensive and stressful challenge for even the most experienced eLearning … Read more

The Power of the E-Learning Voice-Over

There are no two ways about it: the e-learning voice-over market is booming. People have woken up en masse to the possibility of learning through the use of technology. This enables them to make use of courses specifically designed for smartphones and portable technologies. These courses also rely on audiovisual cues to teach their audiences … Read more