Audio-Video Presentations – fast replacing conventional PPTs

The audio-Video format has seen a tremendous growth in recent years. Due to its effectiveness, it is now being used widely for various purposes replacing the conventional mediums. Audio-video or AVs are precise, creative, engaging and impactful. AVs are widespread, from advertising to social media. Nowadays, even C-suits prefer to have an AV presentation rather than conventional PPTs. AV presentations are in high demand to augment and engage the audience and efficient communication in the corporates. The dawn of the digital era has marked AVs as the most effective tool of communication. The conventional PPTs help present the facts and figures, but it gets tedious, and people often forget what they just saw. On the other hand, AV presentations have the ability to narrate a story and keep it short and impactful.

The corporate world was the largest consumer of conventional PPTs; a PPT presentation was required, be it a seminar or a project meeting. This trend has seen a significant shift in their interest, from PPTs to audio-video presentations. The digital touch and technological advancements have given a taste of AVs to the C-suits. Nowadays, corporate films or, say, industrial AVs are gaining quite popularity. Audio-video presentations for a product, services, testimonials, etc., are being widely used; they no only deliver the idea about the subject but also have become a representative of professionalism and dedication.

But the question remains why the sudden surge in demand for AV presentations over conventional PPTs? Well, the answer lies in the qualities of AVs and the advantages it comes with. Not to bore you with technical details. Voyzapp – India’s largest voice over company, here brings you some non-tech but compelling reasons for why AV presentations are being preferred over conventional PPTs: –

Content Personalization:With AV presentations, you have the advantage of personalizing the content. The concept and the story you want to represent can quickly and effectively be done in AVs. AVs give you the flexibility to change and edit the content, or you can recreate an AV utterly different way as per your suitability. On the contrary, PPT presentations are limited to their set bundles of themes and effects, which hampers their creativity and effectiveness.

Speaks more words in less time:You might have heard a picture speaks a thousand words; well, an AV says more. Another reason why AV presentations are being famous is the advantage of delivering more information in less time. AVs also do not need additional explanations to go with it; they cover it all. AVs are more sophisticated and appealing and create an impact on the minds of viewers. You can show a company’s profile, services, factories and employees or front-line tech with ease in few minutes without uttering a word. On the other hand, traditional PPT presentations require explanation with every slide, which usually gets uninteresting. Also, PPT presentations consume a lot of time providing complete information. Needless to say, both audio and visual play an equally significant role in the overall feel of an AV presentation. As such, the relevance of professional explainer video voice over is quite critical if you are creating an explainer video for your product instead of a conventional PPT.

AV presentations are more Engaging:There is no doubt that conventional PPT presentations effectively deliver the information, but AVs are more impactful. While PPT presentations only show the data or content, AVs create more engagement with the same content. Having a creative edge and being illustrative make AV presentations more efficient and preferable than the traditional PPTs. Remember watching “The Spiderman” in Hindi? That is another example of an engaging audio-visual – a perfect example of quality dubbing services from English to Hindi.

Easy to remember:Have you heard about the Hypodermic needle theory of media? In short, the theory suggests that the media information gets inoculated directly into the brains of the passive audience. AV presentations tend to have that effect on the receivers of the communication. It induces the data directly into the receivers’ minds and hearts, making it easier to comprehend and remember. Technically speaking, our brain processes AVs much faster than regular texts or pictures. Therefore, compared to conventional PPT presentations, audio-video presentations have more efficiency and efficacy in the delivery of information and also the retention of the message by the receiver. Even in the advertisement industry, an ad which has the best audio-visuals is usually the most popular!

Thus, though conventional PPT presentations are excellent and effective in delivering the information, audio-video presentations are more effective. AVs save time by being quick to deliver the information and saving time by being easier to understand. For instance, the corporate sector nowadays demands an AV presentation about profit-making rather than a PPT flow chart and an explainer. Both the mediums (AV presentations and PPTs) do the same thing; it’s just that AVs do it better. That is why Audio-Video presentations are fast replacing the conventional PPTs.

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