Advertainment Voiceover

We will discuss the third and last article of the most effective marketing strategies series this week. This is advertainment voiceover. The word advertainment is a combination of two: Advertising and Entertainment. It is a method of posting videos and marketing to your customers in a fun and engaging way. The most common way we see this method used today is the business videos on TikTok and Instagram. This method is not just for millennials who like to dance, it can be beneficial for large companies and single-owner businesses, and the ROI can be impressive.

Where Advertainment is Used

This media is a fun and creative way to get your customers to see your business or service. The key is to give your customers what they want to see, not what you want them to see. An excellent example of advertainment is a super bowl ad. There is a hype around those highly produced videos, and there’s a buzz around those commercials. Your advertainment voiceover marketing can be just as entertaining, and it sells a product or service.

What Makes It Work?

Consumers are more likely to purchase something from a video than read an article. Advertainment works because it’s engaging, easy to consume, widely accessible, and popular. Additionally, it’s relevant and relatable to your target market. This type of advertising stands out in a sea of boring content that can make us feel sold to online, on television, and on the radio every day. Advertainment voiceover is a way to be unique, compelling, and break the norm. In addition, most busy people have lost their patience to read lengthy text content. Watching videos allows consumers to absorb both information and emotion quickly.

How to Get Started with Advertainment Voiceover

  • Identify a target market
  • Do a focus group and get to know and understand who that individual is
  • Create a mind map of what that person does for a living, what they listen to, watch on tv, eat, where they travel too, etc.
  • Create a piece of content specifically targeted in that individual
  • Analyze the results
  • Repeat the process

Creativity That Leads to Interest

When creating your videos, create content that you would want to watch. There’s a fine line between selling and selling creatively. Videos allow the brand or person to come across in a humanistic, relatable, and genuine way. One popular advertainment voiceover created a TikTok page about food reviews. He posted each day about his favorite snacks, cereals, and takeout. Now and then, he would sprinkle in some content about being a voice actor. Before he knew it, he had over 6 million organic followers. His page wasn’t even geared toward voice over. However, after gaining so many followers, he realized people were tuning in to see his reviews and hear his voice. This attention led to a definite increase in his popularity and customer base. 

Another place I’ve seen many of these videos is on Instagram. Each day I scroll through seeing Marketing Coaches, Realtors, Holistic Nutritionists, etc., posting small tidbit videos about their products and services. I may watch a video or two on their official website, but having it posted in a fun, lighthearted way on social media draws many more eyes and ears to their business.

Purposeful Advertainment Voiceover

Creative, wacky, and fun videos can be enjoyable for yourself and your audience, but they should have a strategic purpose at the end of the day. An advertainment voiceover should tell your audience what they need to know about your project or service. If you’re a voice over actor, you can execute this by using your existing voice over demo and adding a video to each spot. You can create a demo reel of your favorite ads and add amazing music and effects if you’re a creative director. Another way is to make fun videos about all the tasks that make a broadcast commercial or a non-broadcast corporate video. You can also break out each video spot and post those at a different time of the day on various platforms. 

Consistency Across Platforms

Posting one video may bring some traction to your business; however, many people are busy and preoccupied. The goal is to be consistent, so your video is being watched no matter what time or day of the week. Another trick is to stagger the times you post. Share the same video on LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook but alter the times to ensure a different audience each time.

Once you’ve created your amazing videos, analyze the results by the number of likes, comments, shares, etc. If the video is a success, make another, and most importantly, have fun in the creative process!

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