Voice Over Marketing Tips for Your Business

Whether you’re a lone voice over artist or a well-established company with hundreds of employees, the goal is the same. You need sales to survive and thrive. Without sales, there is NO business. But how do you get more business to your B2B or B2C customers? Well, here is the short answer, you need to … Read more

Advertainment Voiceover

We will discuss the third and last article of the most effective marketing strategies series this week. This is advertainment voiceover. The word advertainment is a combination of two: Advertising and Entertainment. It is a method of posting videos and marketing to your customers in a fun and engaging way. The most common way we … Read more

Voice Acting Tips for Beginners

“Oh, you’re a voice actor? That’s so cool; how can I get into that?” I get this question monthly from friends, family, and acquaintances. I thought I would write an official article on this topic to refer whoever is interested in starting a career in voice acting to a single resource with all the information … Read more

How to Start Your Voiceover Career

You are curious about beginning a voiceover career, and you’ve read my other article on how to get started. You’ve reviewed the various business, artistic and technical skills, and you want to keep growing. So, what are the next steps to dive into this incredible world of creativity, hard work, and great payoff? How to … Read more

Voiceover Microphone

Because of advances in modern technology, many have started a rewarding career in this industry from home and have been very successful. Although it is relatively easy to start, a critical component to consider is the technology required to start this business. An essential tool in your technology toolbox would be a voiceover microphone. How … Read more