Improve Online Meeting Audio/Video

So, we’ve been through many online meetings through Zoom, Skype, etc., and we’ve seen many folks on TV speaking from their homes. And I’m sure you’ve seen the varying quality with shaky video and garbled audio – this can be a BIG distraction right? Minimize Distractions Now, I am not knocking everyone with general remote … Read more

Voiceover Website Tips:How to Build a Business Website

As an aspiring voice over artist, you surely know how difficult it is to find regular work, or any work for that matter. Aside from having a quality demo, we all know the next thing is promoting yourself—whether that be via posting on social media, finding an agent, or hitting every audition possible. Of course, … Read more

One Thing That Has Helped My Voiceover Career

Do you find yourself struggling to find the energy and creativity for your business? Are you trying to think of creative marketing solutions, but coming up dry? Having trouble thinking of that next email to send to potential clients, social media post, or blog? Maybe you are stressing about a difficult work situation that you … Read more

Three tips to improve your voice performance

We sat down with Caroline Goyder who has worked for many years as a voice teacher at the Central School of Speech and Drama, and has spent the last ten years developing a system to help her non-acting clients to perform with the same poise, presence and power in everyday life. Resilience matters to a successful … Read more

The best path to follow to get into voiceover?

Joe Wakeford sat down with British voiceover and broadcasting legend Greg Scott for a Bourbon Cream and a small glass of Horlicks. Greg has been a national television audience warm-up guy for over 25 years, a TV and radio presenter and has established himself in this phase of his career as a venerable talent in the … Read more