The Life and Work of a Voice Artist

Beggining A voice artist is an essential part of a wide range of processes that require voice talent. Let’s take a look at their life and work, focusing on what they do, their skillset, auditioning process, risks, rewards, major current markets, and new possibilities. What is a Voice Artist? A voice artist is a person … Read more

How Do You Maintain a Healthy Voice?

Maintaining a healthy voice is one of the most important requirements of being a professional voice actor. While many outsiders who are unfamiliar with voice acting probably most associate the profession with the crisp, resonant voices they hear as part of a finished recording, there is a lot of hard work and sacrifices that occur … Read more

How to Choose Music for Your Voice Over Demos

Music is an omnipresent aspect of many of our daily lives, but when it comes to industry standards in the voice acting arena, voice over music has a specific time and place. With the ubiquity of voice-activated devices and audio platforms in the modern world, it’s no wonder that we go about our days consuming … Read more

The Art of the Audition: How to Make the Most of Your Auditions on Voices

It’s great that technology has revolutionized how the voice acting world works – including the audition process. However, auditioning in the online world can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. Here are some tips on making it easier. How to Prepare for a Voice Over Audition Here are a couple of tips and tricks for a … Read more

Voiceover needed? Here are your options

So, you’re needing a voiceover? You’re in luck – like most things in life, you have a choice when it comes to sourcing a voiceover. You can: Do-it-yourself Engage with an online voiceover platform service Independently outsource a freelance voiceover actor It can be confusing and overwhelming when you first type in “voiceover needed” into … Read more

Glossary of Voice Over Terms

Let’s face it, this industry is full or jargon. This glossary provides an overview of some of the most common terms, including explanations of voice over acronyms, recording terminology, and definitions of roles in the entertainment industry, to name a few. Note: For broadcasting terms, check out the Glossary of Broadcasting Terms. Glossary of Voice … Read more

Popular Video Game Voices: A Guide to Gaming Voice Styles

The best video games pull us into their worlds, enabling us to enter an alternate reality, filled with curiosity and adventure. This is made possible not only through graphics, but also video game voices, which come together to make the characters and storylines highly captivating. As a gaming content creator, whether you’re creating an elearning … Read more

6 Ways for Voice Actors to Get Into Character

As a voice actor, you will often be required to get into character before you perform a voice over read. This can involve immersing yourself in the mindset of a fictional character with no real-world equivalent, or perhaps an individual with characteristics or experiences that are entirely different from your own. You may even be … Read more