Wofür wird Plexiglasrohr verwendet?

Was sind extrudierte Acrylrohre? Extrudierte Acrylrohre sind schlagfester als Glas und nur halb so schwer wie Glas. Sie sind eine starke, wirtschaftliche Ersatzoption für Glas. Es bietet auch eine größere Flexibilität und Bruchfestigkeit im Vergleich zu Glas, was Acryl zu einer besseren Wahl macht, wenn es um Sicherheit geht. Die Extrusionsherstellung führt zu engeren Dickentoleranzen

Was ist ein Acryl Lichtdiffusor?

Acryl Lichtdiffusor erzeugen einen sanften Lichteffekt, indem sie die Helligkeit von grellem Licht regulieren. Sie können auch helfen, Energie zu sparen, indem sie eine gleichmäßigere Beleuchtung bieten und den Bedarf an zusätzlichen Leuchten reduzieren. Außerdem schützen sie Beleuchtungskörper auch vor Staub. Acryldiffusor hat die optischen Eigenschaften von hoher Trübung, hoher Lichtdurchlässigkeit, hoher Lockerheit und anderen

How to Start Your Child’s Voiceover Career

As a parent, you surely have spotted your child imitating character voices of his/her favorite cartoon show. When you realize there is a potential in your child to engage in the exciting world of voice acting, you may be chomping at the bit to grab the chance and give it a try because for one,

Guide to Voice Acting: 3 Types of Voice Acting

To become a professional voice actor, you need to know how to control your voice and act as if you were on-screen to deliver a believable performance. If you have a great voice and decent acting skills, it may be possible for you to break into the voice-over business and become a successful voice actor.

How Voice-Over Works: 5 Tips for Aspiring Voice-Over Artists

Voice-over work requires a lot of practice and training to develop a good voice and excellent delivery. However, if you’re willing to put in the work, you may be able to join the ranks of other professional voice-over artists who have forged a career in the voice-over industry. What Is a Voice-Over? Voice-over is a

Voice-Acting Guide: 7 Tips to Improve Your Voice Acting Skills

If you have a great voice and decent acting skills, you can break into the voice-over industry and become a successful voice actor. All you need is time, voice-acting training, a quiet space, and a lot of practice. What Is Voice Acting? Voice acting is a performance art where actors use their own voices to

How to Become a Voice-Over Actor: 7 Tips for Landing a Job

If you have decent acting skills and a great voice, you can begin carving a path to become a voice actor. Good voice acting takes a lot of hard work, patience, and tenacity, but can also be a fun and rewarding experience. What Is a Voice-Over Actor? A voice-over actor is a performer who uses

Voice-Over Equipment Guide: Essential Gear for Voice Actors

Whether you’re recording voice-over for a TV show, film, commercial, podcast, or audiobook, great audio gear can make your voice shine—and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. The rise of advanced (and affordable) audio technology has democratized the market, and you can practice, record demos, and quickly lay down vocals for

Maintaining Vocal Health: 8 Tips for Protecting Your Voice

Whether you’re a voice actor, announcer, singer, or just someone who uses their voice all the time, there are a few simple ways that you can maintain a healthy voice. What Is Vocal Health? Vocal health refers to the function of your vocal cords—sometimes known as your voice box—which are two bands of muscle located

Voice-Over Demo Guide: How to Record a Voice-Over Demo

To break through as a professional voice-over artist or voice actor, start by recording a great voice-over demo reel. What Is a Voice-Over Demo? A voice-over demo, or VO demo, is an audio compilation that voice-over actors use to showcase their abilities. Casting directors use VO demos to connect voice talent with potential clients. Many

Vocal Exercise Guide: 8 Vocal Exercises for Voice Actors

Great voice acting starts with vocal exercises designed to improve performance. Why Are Vocal Exercises Important? Vocal exercises are an important part of vocal cord maintenance. This starts with a good warm-up routine that includes breathing exercises and vocal warm-ups. You can then progress to exercises that strengthen diction, articulation, enunciation, projection, and vocal range.

How to Get a Voice Over Job with No Experience: Voice Acting

One of the things I love most about writing about different ways to make money from home is that there are SO MANY fun and creative options for people who want to supplement their income. Case in point? There are people getting paid to simply TALK without ever leaving their homes. This isn’t some magical

How to Record Audio Best Tips

From in-depth walkthroughs to quick tutorials, we’re willing to bet that you’ve watched a video featuring a voice-over at some point in your life. Though subtitles remain as crucial as ever, there’s something to be said about the convenience of having a voice recorder to help you explain a concept to your audience, demonstrate a

5 Tips To Start Voice Act

We know this might be hard to believe, but we are major fans of the voice–no, not the show. The actual voice. Aside from the fact that it’s what inspired basically everything that we do , the voice is one of the most powerful tools we have to communicate with others and express ourselves. The

Do I Need A Professional Voiceover Demo?

In short, yes! Voiceover demos are your calling card and a must for not only your website but if you want to be considered for talent agency and production rosters. The demos are samplings of your vocal range and delivery. They give clients a chance to hear what you can do behind the mic. Variety

Direct E-Mail Marketing

Throughout the long tenure of my voiceover career, I’ve had a lot of success finding clients through email marketing but it took a while to figure out the right words to put in the email. At first, I would try mass email programs, where every prospective client would get the same template. It was pretty

Voiceover Demos: Send Them Out!

So, you've completed a voiceover training program and you have your demos ready to go. Now what? You have to SEND THEM OUT! I know you're probably thinking, "No kidding Terry!" But, the truth is that many new talents sit on their demos. It's time to get those demos in front of prospective buyers. Don't

Committing to a Voiceover Business

Contrary to what you may read online regarding how to get into voiceovers, the commitment part can feel like climbing a mountain with a chilly burst of wind in your face. When we're not sure if we want to do something, we procrastinate and find all kinds of excuses as to why we shouldn't commit.

Preparing for a Voiceover Job or Audition

When you prepare for a voiceover job or audition, it’s essential to pay attention to the instruction on the copy. If this is a commercial, the project was likely planned carefully at an advertising agency. Every commercial has a marketing objective. Our job as voice actors is to sell it and make it sound convincing.

Dispelling Voiceover Myths

In this era of social media and the Internet, it’s easy to fall into a rabbit hole of misinformation. So, let’s dispel some of the most popular myths regarding the voiceover business. It’s too competitive First off, every creative business will be competitive to a degree—Voice acting, photography, musician, on-camera actor, screenwriter, etc. But if

Do I Really Need a Voiceover Coach?

Occasionally, new talents avoid voiceover coaching because they don’t think they need it. Unfortunately, thanks to misleading VO books, blogs, and VO forums moderated by amateurs, many think having access to a USB microphone gives you everything you need to become a booming voiceover professional immediately. Here’s the bottom line: If you want to succeed

Preparing for a Voiceover Demo Session

So, you’ve had plenty of coaching, you have your scripts, and your demo session is lurking on the calendar. It’s easy to feel a little nervous about your big day. It’s okay. Professional theater actors still get the butterflies before they go on stage. Anxiety is normal but you can do plenty to prepare for

Putting the Passion into a Voiceover Performance

Whether it's a commercial or narration project, I always try to pull a personal experience out of my performance. This should be something you're passionate about. Something happy, funny, or sad that happened to you. It's easy to pick up a script and read it, thinking your voice is good enough to make the message

The Joy of Producing a Voiceover Demo

Whether it's a commercial, narration or character demo, I take pride in ensuring that every clip on a demo gives the talent the best chance to book a gig. My goal as a demo producer is to make sure every clip on the demo sounds like a real commercial or video game character! The production

A Voiceover Coach Should Direct Your Demo Session

It's easy for new talents to call around to different recording studios and ask them to do their demos. Most will say yes. The problem is that most studios use the same scripts for any talent who shows up and to be honest, studio engineers are outstanding at making you sound good, but they're not

How professional voice over sound like

How professional voice over sound like You are here: Home Posts How professional voice over sound like How professional voice over sound like How professional Arabic voice over sounds When you make a voice recording in not just recording a voice. You’re at your recording 3 different elements when you make a voice recording. So

Do you have fear with microphone

Do you have fear with microphone You are here: Home Posts Do you have fear with microphone This article is about this thing the microphone and the fear it instills in newcomers to the industry. The microphone whichever type you use is a tool. It’s a way to convert your vocal energy and performance in

Arabic voice overs for Video Games

Arabic voice overs for Video Games You are here: Home Posts Arabic voice overs for Video Games Arabic Voice Over’s for Video Games Gaming voice over’s are becoming increasingly frequent among new releases, which indicates games should get good quality voice acting simply to remain competitive in the marketplace.  Now a days, Game studios that

Arabic Voice Overs for Cartoon and Animation Characters

Arabic Voice Overs for Cartoon and Animation Characters You are here: Home Blog, Posts Arabic Voice Overs for Cartoon and Animation Characters Arabic voice overs account for Cartoons and animations have enormous percentage of demand in the Arabic voice-over industry. Working as a cartoon Arabic voice over professional may be a fun and exciting job,

5 Steps To Be a Good Voice Over Artist

5 Steps To Be a Good Voice Over Artist You are here: Home Blog, Posts 5 Steps To Be a Good Voice Over Artist If you think that once you have the distinctive voice quality, whether it’s strong, soft, or have a presence, this makes you a good voice over artist and you will get