Chongqing Caishi Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the most important enterpirse that specialized in hydraulic press for industries for instance, machine tools, automobiles, home appliances & communication, locmotives, containers, kitchenware, motorcycles, agricultural vehicles and aerospace and is also a key enterprise that specially produces hydraulic presses in the southwest area. The Company ......[Continue to learn]

Chongqing Caishi Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd.
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Compound precise closed die-forging hydraulic press production line
YDC29K-5000 (national invention patent: ZL201010576433.3)
YD41 series mono column compensate press-fitting hydraulic press
YD61 series metal extrusion hydraulic press
YD32 series four-column hydraulic press
YD27K series energy conservation stamping hydraulic press
YD28E series framework hydraulic press
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